Is Mind Change as dangerous as Climate Change ?

We are all familiar with climate change and all the controversy behind it, but what about mind change. Obvious on the blog we are concerned with brain health so when you hear about the dangers of mind change we take notice. Over at oxford science online they discuss this potentially controversial issue.

Mind Change describes the outcome of changes to the way our brains take in and process information becoming ‘hard wired’ as a result of prolific connection to digital technologies. This could have a profound effect on our thoughts, feelings, behaviour and relationships, ultimately affecting the cultural fabric of society.

The piece goes on to compare the potential mind change in terms of something we are more familiar with: climate change.

Mind change and climate change are both critical scenarios concerning governments and negotiations between countries. There is sometimes an idea that science can save us through climate policy and eco products. An example of how quickly mind change can happen is the way that everyone now recognises the telephone. It may affect boys and girls differently according to the technologies they interact with and influence relations with developing countries. Time spent in virtual environments could lead to behaviour which is individualistic, reclusive, and child like with a high level of greed, impulsivity and disregard for consequences.

Is all this just scare tactics using the climate change comparison to put fear in us? For us to be worried about the next and coming generations?

Or could it be argued our current digital era is just another technological change that us humans have constantly face through our evolutionary time – the wheel, the printing press, etc. Did the printing press and access to books ‘re-wire’ the human brain? Don’t we think that reading was good for our brains? Is this also true with the digital era or should we be scared like some people are suggesting?

Is throwing in the comparison between mind change and climate change just using marketing scare tactics?


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