First impressions: what counts?

It might come no suprise that beauty counts.

In the study, people more accurately described and had a more positive impression of attractive people than those who were less attractive. Likely, people pay attention to other people whom they believe are more attractive. This previously reported “halo effect” is a phenomenon in which people who are physically attractive are also thought to be smarter, friendlier and more competent than less attractive peers.

So it appears that when it comes to first impression we rely on the visual cues we have – which of course centers around how attractive a person is. Now what we individually consider beautiful can vary the author’s conclude with this:

Attractiveness is a complex trait that cannot be accurately defined in three minutes. But, as the authors report, people do judge books by their covers, and books with attractive covers are read more closely than other books.

Also this post points out that looking at beautiful people is good for your brain health – so this might be an additional factor.

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