Fructose makes us gain weight because of what it does to our brain

Part of good health, including brain health, is maintaiing a lean fit body. But there is a large problem in the world with the rise of obesity. One theory for the cause of this rise over the last several decades is the increased consumption of fructose.

Now researchers have found new clues to how fructose might be linked to the observed increase weight gain. The researchers used functional magnetic resonance imaging (f MRI) to examine the difference parts of our brain when consuming fructose versus sucrose. 

Brain activity in the hypothalamus, one brain area involved in regulating food intake, was not affected by either fructose or glucose. However, activity in the cortical brain control areas showed the opposite response during infusions of the sugars. Activity in these areas was inhibited when fructose was given but activated during glucose infusion.

Now we already know from animal studies that fructose leads to increased weight gain, but now it appears that the reason behind it may involved the opposite results found in activation levels in the cortical brain areas – depending on if the subjects received glucose or fructose.

Bottom line – try to reduce your fructose intake.

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